Flexera Support Center in Middle East

How to Get Help with Flexera’s Licensing

In this new normal, we know you have a multitude of concerns you're addressing. We want to offer help where we can. Many of our customers have moved to a work-from-home workforce rapidly, adopting new remote desktop access technologies in the process. We've heard some customers that they've gone over their Flexera licensing entitlements because of the quick transition.

If you're in this situation, please reach out to your customer success manager or your Flexera rep to discover options for licensing assistance. You can also reach us by emailing customer success at CustomerSuccessCoverageNAM@flexera.com.

Licensing is only one of the ways we can support you. This sudden foray into a fully or mostly remote workforce has put pressure on IT in many ways. I'm sure many of you feel it's a challenge to deal with all that was added or changed over the last few weeks to enable your remote workforce. Getting complete visibility and control is where we can help the most. As things start to settle into the new normal, consider these other ways we can help you manage and navigate your IT environment:

  • IT Visibility
  • IT Management
    • Security– IT issued laptops quickly to employees who only had desktops. Bring your own device (BYOD) has expanded. Leadership granted remote access to sensitive systems and data for employees who lacked such capabilities. Your company made all these changes on short notice, potentially done with minimal control. This rush could lead to significant cybersecurity risks and implications. We can help you put controls and management in place to close off these vulnerabilities.
    • Cost Savings– You need cost-cutting measures while also identifying and mitigating overspending on software. You have an opportunity to deliver these savings. 
    • These resources will provide details about how you get better IT management:
  • Cloud Control

Flexera is here to help you conquer new challenges in your IT environment presented by this crisis and prepare for the future.